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APRIL 2020

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Dear Readers of Sarahspips.uk,


I am on one of those days where everything is going wrong.  I had spent a couple of hours writing the usual introduction to the March issue and today I did something which I last did about 20 years ago - deleted it to some missing hell on the internet!  I am now of the age when short term memory disappears almost as soon as it arrived and although I am happy to say it was a particularly brilliant bit of writing the rest of it has vanished forever.  So today I shall just say that I found it very difficult to write so I prayed for help and got the message back that I should recommend the Psalms.  King David was a magnificent wordsmith, especially when he was begging God to rescue him when life became difficult and dreary, and wrote a great many written for similar occasions which clung to him very frequently!  I would recommend you start with Psalm 86 then idly browse your way through David's cries for help - you will feel much better after that. . .

Dancing Daffs

© Katy Bell


The above card was sent to me by my Grandson when he was 10 years old. He never allows his mother to read his work so she was very keen to see it when she came to stay.


When he was 5, Joe announced to his parents that he was born to write.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and the other people that have already seen it.


May God Bless us all



Notes from St. Francis of Assisi for April 2020


Dear Readers of Sarahspips.uk,


If you managed to ‘give up something for Lent’ we’re now very close to the time when we can renew our acquaintance with sugar, chocolate, wine and such delights.  On the other hand, if we’ve managed so far to stop complaining,  bad-mouthing and other negative behaviours which make other people’s lives a misery,  we can carry on hoping that we might have changed enough over Lent for it to have become a habit to spread at least a little more love and kindness in the world around us.  God knows we need their balm at the moment!


The stories in the Gospel which involve Jesus helping people do not have him operating like a magician with a sparkling wand.  Invariably he asks for the co-operation of the person concerned.  God did not create us into helpless rag dolls!  He kindly gave us everything we need to help others as well as ourselves to work with him as God – a fact we often forget as we perceive Jesus as merely a good, kind man who lived an exemplary  life rather than as a part of the Holy Trinity which we acknowledge as God.


There is nothing wrong in that.  Getting to know Jesus as ‘one of us’ helps us to come a little closer to God, the Holy Trinity or maybe another name which some people are happy to refer to as the great ‘Other’.  Our little human brains are too small to comprehend the ‘hugeness’ of the creator of the universe . . . stop for a moment and think about that!


But enormous as he is, God is not too proud to ignore the smallest of his creation.  He listens to us – he even tells us he does.  Many complain our prayers are not answered which is true.  Doubtless if had you asked your parents for a box of matches when you were only five they wouldn’t have thought that was a good idea either!


Because God can see we don’t make much of a success of our lives on earth he does come to our aid, and we can always ask for help when we need it.  He even sent Jesus to show us how to do better – which of course is why we rejoice at this time of year.  Read the words of the Gospel writers and remember God asked us to listen to his beloved Son. . .


Have mercy on us, dear Lord and come to our rescue!


Sarah Bell



PS  Since writing the above message the world has been smitten by Coronavirus and  what I now write, remember the earlier piece will always be relevant.  Let us take hold of the life line from God to use in this life, namely the human brain.  Thank Him for that and then pray for help and mercy.  Do whatever you can to follow any instructions given by the health experts.  On extract from the Gospels that many people continue to mock my favourite extract is the last verse of St. Matthew’s Gospel:-


‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Go therefore and disciples;  baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

and teach them all the commands I gave you  And look, I am with you always;

yes, to the end of time.’


Jesus himself gave us just two commandments:- to love God who made all the lovely things on this earth and in the sky above us, and all the people on earth, our brothers and sisters.  What’s wrong with those commandments?  There was other advice about not placing our trust in material things, which includes money,  yet there is still so much talk in the air about how more money will sort everything out.  People are still talking politics - which we have had with us for centuries and by and large a study of history proves how useless they have been!


Capitalism doesn’t work – love, kindness and generosity do.   There have been too few groups attempting to use those three qualities.  There’s not a lot of time but there is time to ask for the gift of Faith in our Creator.  There’s an easy prayer to remember for that:-


Lord, help though my unbelief!


May God be with us all – this is where the old Victorian samples and wall plaques cry Trust in God.  Let us follow that advice. . .


Final prayer:- Dear God, please  be with us as we place our worries in your hands and bring us safely to what you have promised.  Father, we ask this through your dear son Jesus Christ who died for us, and the Holy Spirit who inspires the better side of our natures;  we ask Mary whom Jesus gave to us all as a heavenly mother and all our brothers and sisters who have gone before to help us on the way.


Amen, so be it.



Love and prayers to and for you all


© Katy Bell

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God bless all of us