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Beautifully hand crafted 3D images of Sailing charts, made by local artist Katy Bell





Sarah's Pips 



trees and NO amdg

February 2019

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How strange the weather seems compared with ancient memories!  The changes are so sharp there seems to be little possibility of ‘getting used to’ the range of weather since  it appears to develop from day to day: zero or below freezing one day, close to 10ºC  or 11ºC the next.  Our poor bodies are assaulted by such changes in so many things we are spin crazy.  Little wonder things are so much out of balance!  From the differences between right and wrong, the importance of Me versus everyone else, being here today and gone forever into nothingness tomorrow – what on earth is the point of everything?


Is it surprising that our young can’t make sense of anything except eating, drinking and making merry?  


We’d better go back to Square One, start over and perhaps try to avoid making the same mistakes all over again by being humble enough to listen to the Creator’s voice and putting into practice the advice given by his son and our big brother Jesus - or is there something wrong with that?  Please email me and let me know if there is!

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