Notes from the Orchard - August 2017

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August 2017


Our beautiful summer has decided it got too hot and has now retreated into the past. At the moment the weather is pretty dismal but it will come back before we move into Autumn.  Hopefully! Pray, people, pray!


It is easy to be a bit selfish. When we look around us we can see the plants are obviously having a really good year. We know plants need rain as well as sun, but there is no doubt that looking out of the window and seeing brilliant blue skies and sunlight are much more uplifting of the spirits than grey clouds and rain. Ah well, long live hope!


However, today I want to talk about people.  Are you, like me, sick to death of hearing them referred to as ‘ordinary people’ – unless your thinking is divided into two main categories. There’s the ‘I must bow down and bang my head before all celebrities who sparkle brigade?’ and then there are the little people, the ‘ordinary’ people.  


What or who do you think you are? Do you see yourself as one of the ‘ordinary’ people? I know I am! We are all ordinary people – for that’s the way we start out, from Queen to whoever is considered to be a lowly, humble and probably impecunious individual – generally we all start out as dear, ordinary little babies! But babies are amazing, not ordinary! The way they are made, the way they grow, grow up, learn and become individual and wonderful people. So what goes wrong?


We watch the stupendous nature programmes on television and exclaim, “Oh, how magnificent!”, “How amazing!”, and so on.  But we hardly ever seem to apply those words to those who are not our family, our neighbours, people from different classes – (oh, what a terrible thing that is in our country!) Looking again we see people from different political views, different faiths, different colours – we don’t like them much either. . . but we go on looking at roses, bluebells, daisies, pretty well all of nature and again say happily, “Oh, how wonderful!”


Don’t you wonder sometimes how we can be so stupid?


We people, all God’s creation, are all truly and beautifully made. He cares for us, but we fail to see this. Let’s all rush off to Specsavers, after which we might see people as individuals instead of groups and clumps, but certainly not ‘ordinary’!


Come rain come shine, go and enjoy the rest of this see-saw summer and with it look kindly upon everyone you come across, not forgetting to store up its warmth in your own hearts against the coming cold of winter.




Sarah Bell


© Katy Bell