More Notes from The Orchard – 57


January 2019


We can only say that it is by the grace of the good Lord that we have come through a very difficult year.  I am writing this as the various ‘snow cams’ cavort around the television screens, spying on unsuspecting birds and animals for our enjoyment over the Christmas period.  No doubt about it, man is very clever at inventing ways to explore and learn about our world. It is a pity we haven’t yet succeeded in seriously putting our brains to finding out how to look after it and its living treasures  –  treasures which, by the way, also include the human ones.  


Oh, that is not totally true: for example, there are certainly brilliant people among us who have used their God-given talents and worked in medical fields to discover ways of ‘mending’ people.  Way back, there were brilliant inventors developing ways of transport, which enabled more and more people to meet each other, to get to know them, share what we had and give help where it was needed.  Some of that did happen but so little compared to what might have been done!  


My favourite flower of all the most beautiful flowers on earth is the daisy that grows in profusion to the despair of lawn lovers.  Did any of you notice the wealth of daisies growing in December in 2018?  Not just a little one here and there, but enough to try balancing a footstep over them to find out whether Spring had somehow miraculously arrived early? They do say if you can cover seven daisies with one foot Spring is here but mind not to flatten them. . .


We don’t need to wonder whether we have the kind of gifts to be able to serve the world on a massive scale: remember the words ‘The least you do for one of these my little ones you do also for Me.’  It might take only a smile – or a prayer - or just a little more.  Look into yourself to see what you have to offer the world, but don’t waste time looking for the most beautiful rose in the world – settle for a daisy and remember the butterfly wing flapping and the chaos theory. You might manage to do something amazing in 2019!


May God be with us all - Amen  





Sarah Bell


© katy Bell