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More Notes from The Orchard for January 2020


This is actually being written on lst January – hopefully it will be printed as near as possible to the actual day!  As well as thanking all our viewers my thanks to all those who help me get this up on the sarahspips.co.uk


After all the angst and hassle of the last few years, there seemed to be a great loosening of tension almost after the result of the election was made known.  All we need now is to be kind to each other, bearing in mind we all wish for the same things – happiness, peace, love and friendship.  Reaching out and grabbing them shatters them.  Strangely if we give them from whatever store we do have they don’t go away from us but keep getting bigger and bigger and stay within our hands’ grasp.  There may be some at this point who wish I had included riches and other tangibles: unfortunately it doesn’t work for those so move on. . . But you can cheer up – there are some tangibles which you can add to your box of delights – spring flowers, fresh new little leaves, blue sky, birdsong, smiles of children and the funny things they say – oh, so much to enjoy.




Sarah Bell



© Katy Bell