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Notes from The Orchard for May 2019


How the combination of warm sun, blossom and blue sky lifts our hearts together with the light of Easter and its promise of everlasting life. It is a dream of the future ahead of us, starting with the joys of summer and the hopes of new birth.


However, as we all know, life on earth isn’t endless summer and perfection. If it were we’d be living in a desert, dying of thirst and heat stroke with nothing to eat.  I’ve lived in a desert and believe me, if and when any rain does come, everyone rejoices.  As the proverb says ‘Variety is the spice of life’.


Having re-read that last paragraph, does this mean to suggest if there is 24/7 perfection in Heaven, it’s bound to be boring?  We shall just have to wait and see. . .  Imagine, if we truly knew how stupendous Heaven is, given the sort of nature we have – always appearing to want instant gratification – how could we contain ourselves without copying a suicidal army of lemmings?


I really believe Jesus was right in suggesting we live a day at a time then go to bed and worry about tomorrow when it arrives. Let us hope today’s children are not taught the actual words ‘sufficient for the day are the evils thereof’. I was, and it took me many years to understand what they could possibly mean!


Life has been so busy as the last few weeks have galloped past that I think many of us would like a little rest before summer holidays and visitors appear in Milford. If such a hope is fulfilled I will make a huge effort to get the timing of Sarahspips.uk back on track.


With love from your exhausted editor. . .




Sarah Bell

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