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More Notes from The Orchard for October 2019



Dear Visitors to this site,


I have to apologise yet again for being late so I think the time has come for some drastic action.


As this year has been passing even faster than all the ones I remember, I find I am visualising winds blowing my words away. . . I am trying to catch them before they disappear completely to be replaced with a whole set of new ones starting ‘More Notes from The Orchard for November 2019’.


Please forgive me as I try to stop thinking of excuses I could use like I’m getting old, haven’t been well, can’t think of what to write, captured by day-time TV and so on.  While they are all true but with extra prayer, effort and the will power to say ‘No’ to the whole business of ‘Boxed Sets’ I think I could have done it as I have over the past years, indeed, I am sure of it!  


So I shall open a new page and make sure November sees everything back to normal.  


Back to normal, dear Lord, if only!  Best we leave that up to you and get on with our daily duties to you and our families, friends and neighbours – and those we find a bit of a pain . . .




Sarah Bell