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More Notes from The Orchard for September 2019



I have recently noticed how much ‘Class’ is referred to on the radio, especially on BBC’s Radio 4.  ‘Middle Class’ is referred to in a tonal range which is voiced from something of a sneering tone to an apologetic and slightly whispered form whereas ‘Working Class’ comes over as being the only correct and acceptable vocal style on the social scale.  The words are usually spoken in a voice full of pride whose innate music carries with it signs of the individual’s place of birth.  Since the grammar of the English language has not been taught in most English schools for at least three generations we are turning into a nation of people unable to express ourselves without the frequent use of erm, you know what I mean, like and so on.  The art of debate is no longer encouraged in most schools.  


The failure to teach the young how to use language to weigh up consideration of two sides of an argument has made it very difficult nowadays for many people to understand how to come to a sensible decision based on reason. Conclusions these days tend to be solely based on an emotional response, which propels the ‘thinkers’ into some sort of Fantasy- land.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of English politics, right up through all classes from pub to parliament.  Fortunately, all this stops at the gates of Buckingham Palace where HM the Queen does not only discuss politics but is possibly almost the last speaker of the Queen’s English. . .


What a sudden change from summer to autumn this year!  While some of us have had the kind of summer the majority of us imagine the sort of season we expect summer to be, others have had wet, wet, wet ones.  Is there any place that has perfect weather all the time?  Possibly, though maybe not on this planet.  Fortunately. as Alexander Pope (not to be confused with any of the eight Pope Alexanders!) said ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’.


The biggest change over the last couple of months or so must be the move from Theresa to Boris.  Personally, I like to imagine a happy Mrs. May propped up by comfortable pillows, relaxing in bed holding a cuppa while Philip, her husband smiles on her contentedly.  One of those speech bubbles float over her head as she comments “Poor Boris! He’s making even more of a mess of it than either David or me!”


At least she cared for her country and her party while Boris only cares for Boris.  Poor England!  Let us pray for the safety and survival of our country in these rough waters.  Bitching about the people, the politics and the times we are going through at the moment won’t help anything.  Watch the BBC programme about the rise of the Nazis: that might teach us a thing or two, and take advice from the words of Jesus.  As God himself says: ‘This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him!’


‘Love one another as I have loved you,’ says Jesus.



Sarah Bell