Notes from The Orchard May 2017

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May 2017


Here we are, in an uncertain world, still depending on politics to rescue us from our current predicament . . .


What a thought: politics for just over four weeks ahead, hour after hour.  Non-stop!


But why do we persist in thinking that politics is the answer?


Because we are convinced that we have the answer to everything!


In fact, we do. Ghandi observed in his own writings that the pity about Christianity is that most Christians do not themselves follow the words of Jesus in the Gospels. How many of us even know the Gospels well enough to talk about the words and teachings they contain? How many of us spend any time these days thinking about the teachings of Jesus Christ?


It surprises me how many people in general are happy to announce they hate the whole of concept of religion: they write it off, rating it as the evil that has brought the world to its - oh, I was going to write its knees but wouldn't be quite accurate, would it?


For the most part the founders of the great religions of the world spent their lives looking for the best way to enable the inhabitants of our planet to live together in love and harmony. If the history of religion or any sort of history is studied, it doesn't take long to discern that the vast majority of men do not really want peace and harmony at all!


Faced with an accusation like that, powerful people would be both unwilling and unable to analyse themselves and discover that what they really, truly want, deep down in their hearts, is the power to make everyone else believe the same as they believe. They want everybody else to admit that the powerful have the only right ideas and everyone else has got things wrong.  Consequently they use force to put that into effect. The fruit of this lust for power includes all slave-based societies, Christian martyrs under the Romans, the horror of the Crusades, the Inquisition, our own civil wars etc. and when subsequently religion became unfashionable after the Age of Enlightenment, the solution to make man's life happier moved from religion to politics where, alas, patterns of life are eventually distorted in exactly the same way.


The message of Jesus himself is totally different. It is based, not on the acquisition of money nor the imposition of power but on love and service. Sadly, man in general does not and will not recognise this teaching. He himself tends to see love as rather weak and feminine and the concept of service to others (especially unpaid) as beneath his rightful dignity. Until man loses his natural arrogance we will never have peace.


Should we listen to the words of Jesus, pay attention to them and try to put them into effect? Or should we listen to the words of politicians, celebrities, the media or maybe all the social networks?


Interesting questions: as we continue to plough our way closer to the edge and infinity, is now the Make-Up-Your-Mind time?





Sarah Bell

© Katy Bell