St. Francis of Assisi Church

Park Lane


St Francis of Assisi little yellow-red star little yellow-red star

Regular Mass Times at St. Francis of Assisi Church - Milford


Sunday Mass - 9.00 am

Wednesday- 10.00 am

Holy Days of Obligation - 10.00 am


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Roll of Parish Priests at St. Francis of Assisi.

since its Founding.


Fr. Desmond Close1966 - 1969

Fr. Kevin Gallagher1969 - 1970

Fr. Leonard Shaw1970 - 1974

Fr. Joseph Connolly1974 - 1983

Fr. Thomas Dunne1983 - 1999

Fr. Gerrit Vervenne1999 - 2011

Fr. Danny McAvoy2011 - 2013

Fr. David Adams2013 -


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